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Umbridge was appointed as Hogwarts "High Inquisitor" by the Ministry[4](p 306) to evaluate, harass or fire any teacher deemed unsatisfactory by her. It will be interesting to see how the audience reacts to this change in cast of the show. Fudge had an irrational belief that Dumbledore was attempting to overthrow his position as Minister and was using the students to do so. Persian cat[5] . In the summer of 1995, Umbridge sent two Dementors after Harry and his cousin Dudley. He often was outspoken in class and suffered for his inability to control his temper; he served detention several times with her during that year in which he would be forced to write lines with his own blood using a Blood Quill, which magically scarred Harry's hand. After Voldemort's takeover of the Ministry of Magic, Umbridge oversaw the registration and persecution of Muggle-born witches and wizards, sometimes referred to as mudbloods under the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. 54K subscribers in the TheCrownNetflix community. Harry's constant objections in Umbridge's class due to his being present at Voldemort's return and witnessing the murder of Cedric Diggory led him to a detention with Umbridge. Umbridge attempted to have Harry expelled from Hogwarts, but Dumbledore took the blame for the group's formation and disappeared from Hogwarts to avoid arrest. Qui est qui dans la saison 5 de « The Crown » ? Umbridge nearly used the Cruciatus Curse to get Harry to talk before Hermione intervened and, together with Harry, tricked Umbridge into going into the Forest to show her "Dumbledore's weapon". Helena Bonham Carter will be replaced as Princess Margaret role by Lesley Manville. While Umbridge was never known to have joined Voldemort, or been aware of his infiltration of the Ministry in 1997, her displayed behaviour suggests that she had no problems with the changes that he introduced. Her fanatical loyalty clouded her judgement and caused her to place a blind faith in authority, believing that it could not possibly be wrong, and even after it was proven wrong she did not change her opinion, as was clearly seen when she was loyal to Fudge over Dumbledore, rather than accepting the truth, and then abandoning Fudge when he was ousted from his office. From her perspective, free speech, dissent, diversity and multiple points of view could not be tolerated. In response, the resentment simmering against her exploded into a full-fledged rebellion and Umbridge soon found herself on the receiving end of innumerable pranks, tricks and incidents designed to make her regret ever daring to set foot in Hogwarts. 'The Crown', saison 5 : à quoi ressemblent les acteurs de la série Netflix sans. After bribing her father to quietly leave public sight, Dolores lied to everyone that she was a pure-blood, believing it would give her social respect and status, later bolstering her credentials by falsely claiming that she was related to the Selwyn family (albeit controlled by Voldemort's Horcrux locket). Published: September 26, 2021 9:58 AM IST She committed attempted soul-removal (via the Dementor attack on Harry), solicited bribes, and tortured children to achieve her goals. She does use the name "Potter" when saying his surname or calling him "Mr Potter" when addressing Harry and she only 'says' it when her actor Imelda Staunton is in an interview of Disc 2 Special Features. Umbridge, as High Inquisitor, inspecting Severus Snape. ... as nasty as Umbridge is in the film, in the book, she's even worse.[10]. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Her rudeness and subliminal speech led many teachers to scorn her, as none except Dumbledore bowed back to her when she paused to bow at the staff. The Crown's Imelda Staunton has revealed was 'saddened' by The Queen's death last year but admits she felt the cast 'had to continue' with filming season six.. [7], Umbridge sacks Trelawney and attempts to remove her from the castle, Umbridge was horrified when Dumbledore replaced Trelawney with a centaur named Firenze; however, she could not prevent Firenze from being given the job, as the Ministry's rules only allowed her to appoint a new teacher if Dumbledore could not find one himself, since the Ministry was counting on Dumbledore being unable to find a new teacher. Umbridge abolished all student groups, which included the House Quidditch teams. Signature Both of their Patronuses are shown in. Hair colour [7] Umbridge also liked to showcase her statuses to anyone who would listen, as she arrogantly told the centaurs in the Forbidden Forest of her many titles,[7] and mounted plaques on her office doors to display these titles. [17] The Minister did this because of an unfounded fear that Dumbledore was trying to upturn his position as the Minister and was also afraid that Dumbledore was using the students as a means of overthrowing the Ministry. She was quite a stocky woman, and not in the first flush of youth, and her tendency to wear frills where (I felt) frills had no business to be, and to carry undersized handbags, again as though they had been borrowed from a child's dressing-up box, jarred, I felt, with a personality that I found the reverse of sweet, innocent, and ingenuous. [7], Severus Snape, who disliked Umbridge immensely. #7 DOLORES UMBRIDGE #8 MISS TRUNCHBULL #9 THE WHITE WITCH. Imelda Staunton on Harry Potter, 'The Crown' and Her First Foray Into Horror With 'Amulet' By Jenelle Riley AP Tell Imelda Staunton her performance as the ultimate Harry Potter villain Dolores. [21], Umbridge asking Snape for Veritaserum in order to interrogate Harry, Soon afterwards, Umbridge caught Harry trying to use the Floo Network in her office while trying to contact Sirius, and he and his friends and fellow D.A. After Harry gave an interview with The Quibbler where he discussed Voldemort's return, Umbridge banned the magazine from Hogwarts. Olivia Colman who portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in seasons 3 and 4 was been replaced by Imelda Staunton, who famously played Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter franchise. When Umbridge found out about the organisation, she utilised the powers of Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four to have them all expelled, but failed due to Dumbledore taking the blame. But, Imelda's casting news truly stole the show because she's best known for playing Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter series. Umbridge considered Firenze, like all centaurs, as a "filthy half-breed".[7]. [15] This act also made it easier for Lord Voldemort to recruit werewolves to his cause, preying on their treatment by the Ministry. He granted her many powers through Educational Decrees, and full-heartedly agreed with all of her comments and mockeries against Dumbledore and Harry. Born #TheCrown, The Queen to Diana in #TheCrown season 5, So, it will be Megan Markle v. Queen Dolores Umbridge. Owing to her lack of teaching ability, obvious disrespect towards the school and its residents and her unwavering loyalty to Fudge, Umbridge quickly became a heavily disliked person by the overwhelming majority of students and teachers alike. [7], After her suspension from these additional posts and the fall of the Ministry of Magic, Umbridge ran the Muggle-Born Registration Commission and sadistically prosecuted many innocent people. The cat's hypnosis caused her to forget the incident, only remembering the fall. During Harry's trial, Umbridge tried to intimidate him to undermine his defence: that he had used the Patronus Charm only because the dementors were about to permanently incapacitate him and Dudley. [7] Despite this, she was not above allying with them if it suited her interests. [5] However, since her imprisonment in Azkaban, it is unlikely that she wore any of her old outfits, but instead wore the black and white striped uniform of all prisoners. [10] She was also never given any position of power (i.e. However, when Fudge gave her power, it inflated her sense of self-importance and instilled a sense of ruthlessness, making her seek to exercise complete control over everyone and everything around her. Despite her incessant claims that telling lies was wrong, she was perfectly willing to lie herself, evidently without shame for it. However, despite her hatred towards half-breeds, Umbridge did not seem to hate part-goblin Filius Flitwick, judging by Fred Weasley's statement that she passed him on his inspection. In this world, Umbridge was the Headmistress of Hogwarts. MadamSenior Undersecretary (formerly)Professor (formerly)High Inquisitor (briefly)Headmistress (briefly) Offers may be subject to change without notice. In the German audio books, Dolores Umbridge has an Austrian accent. Dolores Umbridge was eventually imprisoned in Azkaban due to her crimes against Muggle-borns during her interrogations, as not everyone she interrogated and tortured survived.[5]. Umbridge made a negative impression on the students of Hogwarts at the Start-of-Term Feast, where she rudely interrupted Dumbledore and talked to the students in a condescending manner. She also used her persian cat Patronus to keep the Dementor guards at bay. [7], Fred and George Weasley's fireworks terrify Umbridge, Thanks to the newly passed Educational Decree Number Twenty-Eight, Umbridge replaced Dumbledore as Headmistress. Some spoke out openly in class, such as: Hermione, Ron, Harry, Dean Thomas, and Parvati Patil, but were immediately silenced or punished by Umbridge., Dolores Umbridge escaped Azkaban and became the Queen of England Imelda Staunton est la reine Elizabeth II. Hating her mother for being a Muggle, Dolores would blame her for being the cause of her brother's lack of magical powers. [5], Umbridge also understood the importance of Argus Filch's knowledge of the school's geography, and made efforts to befriend him in order to advantage herself, despite his status as a Squib, which many would consider a sign of a second-class citizen in the wizard community. For surely a teacher capable of banning Harry Potter from playing Quidditch is capable of anything. By teaching basic defensive theory as opposed to real spells that would prepare her students for the outside world, she and the Ministry hoped to decrease the chance that Dumbledore could form a wizard army of students to overthrow the Ministry. [3][4](p 624) She formed the Inquisitorial Squad, composed entirely of Slytherin students such as Draco Malfoy. The Crown explores the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in England. 10/10 death eater. Snape, in turn, had no qualms in blasting Umbridge back when she confronted them. Staunton's portrayal led to Umbridge being. Loyalty So all in all, Malfoy indirectly helped destroy 5/7 horcruxes. [4](pp 755-756) She was saved by Dumbledore, who managed to calm the herd due to their respect for him and brought her out without a scratch but in a severe state of shock. The Crown Returns For Season 5 to Netflix With Harry Potter Alumna Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth, Best Known For Playing Dolores Umbridge by Nikhil Makwana 4 months ago Created by Peter Morgan, The Crown has been hailed for its acting and editing as it has won 21 PrimeTime Emmys since season one. She later fired Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid, as he was a half-giant. She also restricted Harry's privileges. [5], Following Alastor Moody's murder at the hands of Death Eaters in the Battle of the Seven Potters, Umbridge somehow took possession of his magical eye. Dolores Umbridge Biographical Information Born 26 August, 1955 Blood status Pure-blood (legally half-blood) Marital status Engaged ( Jack Macmillan) (formerly) Dating ( Pius Thicknesse) Also known as Dee (by Orford Umbridge) Title (s) Senior Undersecretary Physical Information Species Human (Witch) Gender Female Hair colour Mouse-brown Once Dolores was arrested and sentenced to Azkaban, Orford lost his pittance that his daughter gave him. Dolores Umbridge as she is depicted in the Order of the Phoenix video game, Dolores Umbridge as depicted in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, Dolores Umbridge as depicted in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Dolores as a LEGO minifugre (2007 edition), Dolores as a LEGO minifigure (2018 edition). [5], Umbridge was seen wearing various green tweed outfits, usually with a pink fuzzy cardigan on top, giving her greater toad-like qualities. They also created a Portable Swamp, which was commended by Charms Professor Filius Flitwick as a bit of "really good magic," in order to anger Umbridge just before leaving Hogwarts. The memes almost created themselves when the actress who played Dolores Umbridge was cast as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown. Their brother Jacob was tricked into drinking her spiked tea, which caused him to blurt out uncomfortable truths during the trial to their sibling and Corey Hayden, which eventually wore off after the trio stood outside the courtroom following a faked Doxy presence, as they didn't want to give statements during the trial under the potion. | Edited by Chirag Sehgal. Dumbledore after having incapacitated Umbridge and other Ministry officials. Even worse, it revealed that she would step on anyone to get what she wanted. Eventually Harry, Ron and Hermione formed Dumbledore's Army as a way to teach students how to use defensive spells in a practical format. I once shared an office with a woman who had covered the wall space behind her desk with pictures of fluffy kitties; she was the most bigoted, spiteful champion of the death penalty with whom it has ever been my misfortune to share a kettle. Wait until she becomes the most hated woman on TV. She was fearful in response to the Azkaban breakout in 1996 and was determined to capture Sirius Black who was, at the time, believed to be a Death Eater. 421 votes, 52 comments. Harry would either be subjected to the Dementor's kiss or would be forced to conjure a Patronus to fend them off, which would give them an excuse to expel him. So when it was announced today that Imelda Staunton has been cast as Queen Elizabeth II for the fifth and final season of The Crown, my broken brain buckled under the information. Head of the Improper Use of Magic Office (formerly)Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic (before 1995-1998)Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts (1995-1996)High Inquisitor of Hogwarts (1995-1996)Headmistress of Hogwarts (1996)Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission (1997-1998) She was depicted using any means to maintain the political power of her bosses, often flaunting the power she in turn obtained during her time in Hogwarts. In her position, Umbridge conducted biased trials that subjected Muggle-born witches and wizards to dementors and have them sent to Azkaban prison for "stealing magic from real witches and wizards". Minerva McGonagall was highly critical of Umbridge's methods, and warned Harry not to cross her because he would get into big trouble at school, and, possibly, even with the Ministry. However, Dumbledore could not do anything about her due to her being appointed by the Ministry, and school life was made infinitely more difficult — for students and staff alike — by her presence. [14], Umbridge's hatred towards "half-breeds" led her to draft a piece of anti-werewolf legislation in 1993, which made it nearly impossible for werewolves, such as Remus Lupin, to find work. However, by committing the former, Umbridge only caused the entire school to secretly read and discuss the Quibbler. Marietta betrayed the D.A. [5] It is also possible that she allied with them out of fear of being targeted as a high ranking Ministry official, but given her sadistic enjoyment in persecuting Muggle-borns for the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, it appears that Umbridge allied with the Death Eaters willingly and freely, given how their ideology and cruelty was extremely similar to hers, along with the power they granted her, which allowed to carry out her wicked actions on the wizarding world. Umbridge used this position of power to satisfy her hatred of part-humans, for example through new Anti-Werewolf Legislation which made it nearly impossible for Remus Lupin to find a new job after resigning his post as Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts in 1994. Umbridge especially disliked Albus Dumbledore, as he kept undermining her attempts to wrest control of Hogwarts. Dumbledore's Army was eventually betrayed by Ravenclaw student Marietta Edgecombe. A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Umbridge is also depicted to be a prejudiced person, despising half-breeds and Muggle-born witches and wizards to the point of firing Hagrid due to his half-giant birth status. In all three of these positions at Hogwarts, she had enormous power over the students, teachers, and the curriculum, which she wielded despotically. And then right at the season finale Meghan Markle is gonna pull up like "I must not tell lies". I found two options on Amazon. The power granted to Umbridge by Fudge to consolidate his political strength and squash his perceived enemies is not unlike the abuse members of the Nixon administration committed during the Watergate Era. Umbridge was stunned, leaving Harry and Hermione free to snatch the locket from around Umbridge's neck and flee the scene. They have one child. After the Ministry was reformed under Kingsley Shacklebolt's guidance, Umbridge was arrested, tried and imprisoned for her crimes against Muggle-borns, as not all the Muggle-borns she sent to Azkaban survived their imprisonment during the Second Wizarding War. "Umbridge" is a pun on the English "umbrage" meaning "offence" or "insult", indicates that Dolores Umbridge is destined to do only harm and cause only unhappiness. She was also willing to break the law behind the Minister's back to achieve results, such as summoning Dementors in an attempt to expel Harry, as well as attempting to use the illegal Cruciatus Curse for interrogation, all the while stating that "what Cornelius doesn't know won't hurt him." She also wrote the propaganda booklet Mudbloods and the Dangers They Pose to a Peaceful Pure-Blood Society, which featured a cover including a rose being strangled by green weeds. While climbing the ranks in the Ministry herself, Dolores found her father to be a source of embarrassment, and pressured him into an early retirement, disappearing from public sight in exchange for the promise of a small monthly allowance. Amber heard is just like Dolores umbridge from 1984. This was difficult, due to Umbridge's constant interruptions of McGonagall using her signature soft, girlish cough of "Hem hem". Prefect, Head Girl) made her resent the establishment. ', she would smile her sweetest, laugh, and deny any connection, claiming that her deceased father had been a distinguished member of the Wizengamot. Umbridge and Fudge are knocked out after confronting Dumbledore about the D.A. Staunton was nominated for an Academy Award in 2004 for her role in Vera Drake, but is perhaps best known to younger audiences for playing Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter films.. [11][12], Occasionally, real-life public figures have been compared to Umbridge in a negative light due to their actions. She forced him to write "I must not tell lies" with a cursed quill that scarred the phrase into his hand permanently. 's headquarters in the Room of Requirement, after they were betrayed by Marietta Edgecombe. She also had a tantrum when the gargoyle of the Headmaster's office refused to let her in when she became Headmistress, and an outburst against "half-breeds" led her to be carried away by centaurs in the Forbidden Forest. It is unclear if she ever agreed with it or if she merely had to keep her mouth shut as her opinions were of little consequence compared to the Minister of Magic. A love of all things saccharine often seems present where there is a lack of real warmth or charity. He was, however, not above subtle taunting as shown when he merely raised an eyebrow after she told him he was on probation or when he pointed out the foolishness in her use of the entire bottle of Veritaserum (which was fake) he gave her when she only needed three drops. After the trial, the Ministry of Magic appointed Umbridge as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts to allow the Ministry to monitor the activities within Hogwarts, and particularly the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. I am always a little wary when talking about these kinds of sources of inspiration, because it is infuriating to hear yourself misinterpreted in ways that can cause other people a great deal of hurt. Dolores Umbridge was described to be a short squat woman resembling a large pale toad. The brand-new series will premiere at 3:01 a.m. ET/ midnight PT in the U.S and at 8:01 a.m . But as bad as she was to the Hogwarts students, she was worse to her family. Hermione left the fake locket behind with Umbridge to allay suspicion. After Voldemort was sighted in the Ministry of Magic by numerous people including Fudge, Dumbledore was reinstated as Headmaster at Hogwarts, and Umbridge was sacked. Umbridge was particularly offensive and prejudiced towards Hagrid, due to his half-giant blood, and to Professor Trelawney, who Umbridge believed was a fraud. She also published a pamphlet stating the dangers of Muggles and referred to them as "Mudbloods". Madam Pomfrey however looked after her as she would any other following her rescue from the Centaurs. She interrupted Dumbledore during his speech at the Start-of-Term Feast, and delivered a very dull speech while being ignorant of the students' restlessness, to the point that Harry angrily speculated that she would have continued with it even if a full-scale riot broke out under her nose. When the locket was in the possession of Harry Potter and companions, it exerted a malign influence on each of them when they wore it. [13][14] Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher was an influence on the way the character was portrayed in the film adaptations, according to director David Yates and actress Imelda Staunton. [6] She did not have a good relationship with Slughorn, who considered her to be an "idiotic woman" who he "never liked". Eventually, Umbridge sacked Trelawney and attempted to rudely evict her from the school, only to be foiled by Dumbledore. 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She was also unable to remove Marietta Edgecombe's "SNEAK" pimple formation, implying that she may not have been very skilled with counter-jinxes (although it is possible that no counter-jinx existed for Hermione's spell). Nationality Pestoignesto• Favourite and least favourite casting choices? I particularly recall a tiny little plastic bow slide, pale lemon in colour that she wore in her short curly hair. Under her pressure, he retired early and she promised him a small monthly allowance in exchange for quietly leaving the public sight. As such, Dolores never succeeded in getting married. In July 2020, Netflix announced that The Crown would wrap up with a final sixth season in addition to the previously announced season 5. @TheCrownNetflix, Just realized that Dolores Umbridge will be Bellatrix Lestrange's sister #TheCrown #ImeldaStaunton #HelenaBonhamCarter ❤️❤️❤️, The Harry Potter bad’s be taking over the royal family. Harry learned that Umbridge had one of Voldemort's Horcruxes and Mad Eye Moody's magical eye in her possession. [4](p 848). However, a pink dress will definitely do the work. [8], 23 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, when Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy time-travelled to the Second Task in the Triwizard Tournament in order to save Cedric, they created an alternative world in which Voldemort won in the Battle of Hogwarts. [19] This prompted Umbridge to contact Fudge, who gave her supreme authority over all punishments, sanctions, and removals of privileges regarding students, and the power to alter them as may have been ordered by other staff members. With her father silently removed from public, Dolores managed to give herself a better public image. [11], During the 1990–1991 school year, Dolores entered her office to find Jacob's sibling there. Most recently she starred in the Downton Abbey movie as Maud, aka Lady Bagshaw, Queen Mary's lady-in-waiting.. It is harder to explain 'Jane'; it simply felt rather smug and neat between her other two names. Dolores Umbridge interrupts Albus Dumbledore with a speech of her own, during the Start-of-Term Feast. Seasons 1 through 3 are available to stream on Netflix. Before reaching age 30, she became the Head of the Office, evidence of her ruthless tactics under her sweet attitude, which also involved taking credit for other people's work. [7], Despite (or perhaps because of) her feigned politeness, the other teachers found her extremely infuriating and obnoxious. In fact, Percy Weasley sent a letter to his younger brother, stating that Umbridge was a "truly delightful woman", and that Ron should side with her instead of continuing to associate with Harry. She tried to prevent Harry Potter from contacting his godfather Sirius Black. She was startled by the appearance of Firenze, clearly having been traumatised by her encounter with the centaurs. In English, the similar sounding word "Dolorous" means causing or expressing grief and suffering. It's the Start of a New Royal Era, Princess Alice of Greece Was a Patient of Freud's, Then a Nun. 'The Crown', mùa 5: Các diễn viên của loạt phim Netflix trông như thế nào nếu không có Umbridge then believed that the illegal Cruciatus Curse would cause Harry to loosen his tongue. Whenever her colleagues (mostly the ones who disliked her) asked if she was related to the Umbridge who used to mop floors, she would use her sweetest smile (which indicates her suppressed rage) to deny all connections, and falsely claimed that her deceased father was an esteemed member of the Wizengamot. Her desire to control, to punish and to inflict pain, all in the name of law and order, are, I think, every bit as reprehensible as Lord Voldemort's unvarnished espousal of evil. 10 novembre 2022. Indeed, Umbridge enforced his belief that theories were enough for students to get by exams and mastering self-defence, which in many situations proved both of them wrong, though she refused to acknowledge that fact. This extended to creatures that looked like part-humans, but were in fact a separate breed, such as centaurs, merpeople, and werewolves, as she either mistook them to be human-animal hybrids or simply found their appearances of being partially human revolting. ️ 2022-11-09 19:35:25 - Paris / Pháp. She sadistically interrogated them alongside Yaxley, two prime victims being Alderton and Mary Cattermole. She was appointed the first-ever "Hogwarts High Inquisitor" and used this position to evaluate, harass, and fire any teachers at Hogwarts deemed unsatisfactory by her or the Ministry. Netflix on Friday night released the first look of Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II from the upcoming season of The Crown. [1] She was known to spout very uncharitable views on the non-magical community when intoxicated, to the point that even fellow pro-pure-blood coworkers were shocked by her. Dolores is offended by any challenge to her limited world-view; I felt her surname conveyed the pettiness and rigidity of her character. Ralph Fiennes, where you at? Published Date: July 31, 2021 10:03 AM IST. Dobby was also terrified of her, warning of her approach to Harry in hysterics, and barely able to say her name. [7], Centaurs drag Dolores Umbridge away upon being called 'filthy half-breeds' and 'creatures of near-human intelligence', She then claimed that the illegal Cruciatus Curse might "loosen his tongue". Her prejudice eventually led her to foolishly insult and anger a herd of centaurs who dragged her away, which led her to develop a phobia towards centaurs. The woman in question returned my antipathy with interest. There, Umbridge was confronted by a herd of centaurs, whom she shamelessly insulted with racial slurs and arrogance. The delight of it extended to the point where she wished that he did not rest in peace but in endless despair in the Voldemort controlled world. Umbridge always had a prejudiced view on those who were part-humans. Umbridge's thick stubby fingers were adorned with several gaudy old rings. Most likely due to her mother being a Muggle and father being a source of embarrassment, Umbridge used the locket to emphasise her wizarding ancestry, to make herself seem more appealing to the new regime by distracting attention from her non-wizarding ancestors. When Scorpius Malfoy emerged from the Great Lake, he was discovered by Umbridge, whom he questioned about Albus Potter. The Daily Prophet announces Umbridge's imprisonment in Azkaban, After Lord Voldemort's death at Harry Potter's hands and the reformation of the Ministry of Magic by Kingsley Shacklebolt, Umbridge was arrested, tried, convicted and given a life sentence to Azkaban for her crimes against Muggle-borns, as not all of them survived. Affiliation She had no knowledge of the brewing process for Veritaserum and because she needed it (and unwisely squandered a bottle full on one interrogation although she had been told that it was not necessary), it is unlikely that she was a Legilimens. Critics have recognised Umbridge as one of the most hated, as well as the most compelling, villains in the series. [7], Dumbledore's funeral, which Umbridge attended, Despite all of her actions at Hogwarts, Umbridge later returned to the position of Senior Under-Secretary at the Ministry and told the new Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour, about Harry's wish to become an Auror, to Harry's anger. Under her father's influence, she despised her Muggle mother and her Squib brother, considering them inferior to her and her father, and Dolores and her father denounced them. Indeed, when she got intoxicated from a glass of sweet sherry, Dolores was prone to spout very uncharitable views, which shocked even those of anti-Muggle ideologies with some of her suggestions, behind closed doors, of the treatment that the non-magical community deserved. While some assumed that Olivia might play the character for the rest of the show's duration, it was announced on Jan. 31 that Imelda Staunton would take the role for the show's fifth and final season. During one of her kangaroo court trials, she accused Mary Cattermole of having stolen her wand and alleged she wasn't a true witch. Here are the best Dolores Umbridge as the Queen on 'The Crown' memes. Other film roles include the 2008 movie A Bunch of Amateurs, in which she starred alongside Burt Reynolds, Derek Jacobi and Samantha Bond, and the character of Sonia Teichberg in Ang Lee 's Taking Woodstock (2009). [7] She also was said to have a big chest, as noted by Harry Potter when he saw Slytherin's locket lying there. I have noticed more than once in life that a taste for the ineffably twee can go hand-in-hand with a distinctly uncharitable outlook on the world. Eventually we found a circlet that suggested royalty, as well as some spiky earrings that were reminiscent of icicles to use as a necklace. In a review of the Order of the Phoenix novel, author Stephen King hailed Umbridge as one of the best antagonists he has ever read: The gently smiling Dolores Umbridge, with her girlish voice, toadlike face, and clutching, stubby fingers, is the greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter. It was her prejudice that caused her to pass a series of anti-werewolf legislation, which made it almost illegal for those afflicted with lycanthropy to hold jobs. Some teachers refused to allow themselves to be intimidated, however; when inspecting Professor Minerva McGonagall's Transfiguration class, Umbridge tried to harass Minerva with interruptions and false coughing, but Minerva either ignored them or retorted with scathing remarks. Harry Potter Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Umbridge is the primary antagonist of the fifth novel of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and has been stationed at Hogwarts by the Ministry of Magic to take power away from Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore, who have both been informing the Wizarding World of Lord Voldemort's return. Owing to the fairness of Madam Bones and a majority ruling of the court, Harry was found innocent. Her younger brother was a Squib, but Dolores was a witch. [7], Some of the members were: Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley, Ernie Macmillan, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Cho Chang, Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, Colin and Dennis Creevey, Michael Corner, Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein, Zacharias Smith, Padma and Parvati Patil and Marietta Edgecombe. Dolores Umbridge's Wand Proved She Was a Bad Egg As seen throughout her time in the Harry Potter series, Dolores Umbridge carried herself with a cheery disposition while in the presence of others. Her placement was to limit the learning of martial magic and allow the Ministry to monitor the activities at Hogwarts. In the film adaptions, Umbridge's black velvet bow on top of her head was omitted, though curiously Mundungus Fletcher still remarks ". The teachers and staff, most of whom despised Umbridge's methods and interfering in their classes, did little to support her, and instead allowed the students to run rampant. Nikki Haley channeling Dolores Umbridge. She eventually became Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic and had a place in the Wizengamot. Umbridge claimed that she knew of Snape's true allegiance to the Order of the Phoenix for years, but did not act on it at the time; it was only when Severus assisted Scorpius Malfoy in defying Voldemort did Umbridge expressed her regret of not dealing with Snape before. One needn’t be a child to remember The Really Scary Teacher, the one who terrified us so badly that we dreaded the walk to school in the morning, and we turn the pages partly in fervent hopes that she will get her comeuppance ... but also in growing fear of what she will get up to next. Under the influence of her father, Dolores grew up despising her mother and brother for their lack of magical abilities. Umbridge was appointed as the new Headmistress of Hogwarts by Fudge. However, the upcoming season will present how the Royal family tackled the early 1990s when Prince Charles and Princess Diana decided to separate and Princess Diana’s death in a road accident thereafter. Did anyone check her inner arm for a snake tattoo? [11] Later that year, she visited Hogsmeade. When she attempted to punish them, Fred and George insulted her in front of the whole school and then fled with their broomsticks, much to her absolute fury, as she ordered her Inquisitorial Squad to apprehend the two, which failed. The fireworks took fantastical forms, such as a monstrous light dragon and Catherine wheels. Community content is available under. Given Harry's grudge against her, it is likely that he provided testimony against her during her trial before being given a life sentence in Azkaban. This found her often at odds with Transfiguration professor and Head of Gryffindor House Minerva McGonagall. Other members of the Inquisitorial Squad were Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bulstrode, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Graham Montague, and C. Under the influence of her father, Dolores grew up despising her mother and brother for their lack of magical abilities. She eventually caught Harry attempting to use the Floo Network in her office to contact Sirius. Nasty things tended to happen to people who asked about Orford, or anything about which she did not like talking, and people who wanted to remain on her good side pretended to believe her version of her ancestry. Gender Her younger brother was a Squib, but Dolores was a witch. However, as it was never exactly clear how much influence the locket had on her mind, it may not be fair to judge her entirely for her actions with it on. Dolores Umbridge as Queen Elizabeth? However, she rarely expressed the extent of her anger openly, casually enforcing decrees written and signed by Fudge and handing out torturous punishments with a smile (most notably, forcing Harry to carve "I must not tell lies" into the back of his hand with a Black Quill) rather than openly taking out her hatred of children on the school as a whole. When Rita Skeeter published an article in The Quibbler about Harry's past experiences with Voldemort during the Triwizard Tournament, Dolores banned Harry from trips to Hogsmeade. I used to stare at that little slide, which would have been appropriate to a girl of three, as though it was some kind of repellant physical growth. At that moment after she incredulously lied about her blood status and derided Cattermole, Harry Potter, who was full of rage under his Cloak of Invisibility, attacked Umbridge and Yaxley with the Stunning Spell. While fans await what will be explored in this season of the show, the makers of the show have revealed who will be the next Queen Elizabeth II. She branded Harry as "Undesirable No.1," and was given the job of Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. [5], Despite her confidence bordering on arrogance, Umbridge knew she could not do Cornelius Fudge's will at Hogwarts without help, and so enlisted Argus Filch and the Inquisitorial Squad. Dumbledore then purposely appointed centaur Firenze as the new Divination Professor, being aware of Umbridge's contempt for non-human magical beings. Harry refused to trust Scrimgeour or the Ministry of Magic due to the fact that Umbridge was never sacked or arrested for her actions.[3]. Mouse brown (formerly)[4]Iron grey[5] Dolores Umbridge did everything in her power to make Harry Potter's life as miserable as possible, and thus, the two of them had a mutual loathing for each other. The only staff member who supported Umbridge whole-heartedly was the caretaker, Argus Filch, who grew to like her methods, as well as being given permission to torture students himself. The fact that she spoke in a blatantly forced sing-song voice and wore gaudy pink clothing only added to her hideousness. Upon being installed by Fudge as a teacher, Umbridge saw it as a golden opportunity to get revenge against the school that did not (as she saw it) give her her due respect.[1]. I’m grateful to Netflix and Sony for supporting me in this decision," Peter said in the statement. "I have loved watching The Crown from the very start," she said. Dolores Umbridge was one of the vilest characters in Harry Potter. [7], Umbridge was a pure-blood supremacist, a belief stemming from her childhood when her brother was discovered to be a Squib. Later that night after Ron and Hermione had been kissed by Dementors, Umbridge discovered Snape and Scorpius down by the lake. [1], The sign on the door of Umbridge's Ministry office, Dolores, being very opportunistic and power-hungry, was ashamed of her father, who was a low-level worker in the Department of Magical Maintenance, while she was seeking a professional career. [1], Shortly before the 1990–1991 school year, Dolores was informed that Albus Dumbledore (the then-headmaster of Hogwarts) had arranged a Ministry of Magic student programme, and she was told she would meet Jacob's sibling. She had no teaching background and had trouble maintaining the class's attention. [1], She also used her authority to intimidate Harry Potter during an interrogation before the Wizengamot. This woman was NOT 'the real Dolores Umbridge'. All of them, aside from Marietta, disliked Umbridge. She even measured Flitwick's height with measuring tape. Species [7], Umbridge also had an unhealthy habit of drinking a small cup of tea with three spoonfuls of sugar, which could have contributed to her gaining weight, and thus in all likelihood she had possessed the habit for a long time. Gillian Berrow, a story writer for the television series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, has stated that Umbridge was a model for the villainous MLP character Starlight Glimmer. It has been noted by many fans, Imelda Staunton and even. Even so, she vehemently vouched for Harry during their Career Advice session, claiming that she would coach him nightly if she had to in order to realise his dream of becoming an Auror, after Umbridge's furiously protested that Harry would never become one; during this session, Minerva indirectly claimed Dolores' evaluation as incompetent and would not be taken into consideration. [7], The Daily Prophet announces Umbridge's suspension after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, After Voldemort appeared in the Ministry of Magic and was seen by a number of people, including Cornelius Fudge, Dumbledore was restored as the Headmaster and Umbridge was suspended following allegations of abuse. Add in the failure to get the prophecy, Lucius may have actually accidentally helped the good guys more than his own master. [1], Ambitious and prejudiced, Dolores was utterly disgusted with all three of her family members, having no love for any of them, dismissing them and severing all ties with them due to their low birth and/or poor social statuses, and never again speaking about any of them. However, she was not above blaming him for her own faults, to the point of irrationality, such as when she stunned one of the Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs causing it to explode, she called him out not to stun them despite his genetic inability to do so in the first place. Wand These actions were sanctioned by the Ministry of Magic in the form of Educational Decrees, but students merely found ways to circumvent or avoid them, often treating them as a joke. Harry, sharing this contemptuous dislike for Umbridge, chuckled at Horace's comment. In 1995, Umbridge was placed at Hogwarts as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, by order of the Ministry of Magic, under the terms of Educational Decree Number Twenty-Two, without Albus Dumbledore's consent. Tenet actor Elizabeth Debicki has been roped in as Princess Diana. [7], Harry's hand due to Umbridge's punishments with the Black Quill, There were several signs indicating that Umbridge was impatient and had a short temper. This did not bode well for Harry, who found Draco even more . [7], However, Umbridge was fully aware that she could rely only on herself in the more crucial situations, evidenced in her reaction to Draco Malfoy's greedy facial expression upon hearing of Dumbledore's fabled "secret weapon" from an apparently distraught Hermione Granger. [Source]. Only Fudge, Umbridge, and roughly a half-dozen of the court voted for conviction. Dementors then descended upon the two as Umbridge told Scorpius that he was upsetting the Dementors and spoiling "Voldemort Day". [7] Her real magical power and knowledge were mainly focused in offensive and defensive magic, particularly of a darker variety. Despite this, she understood that Umbridge had a lot of power and that she was reporting directly to Cornelius Fudge, and so Minerva once warned Harry Potter to tread carefully around Umbridge. She unreasonably demanded Snape to brew Veritaserum in less than the required month after she squandered an entire bottle on one previous interrogation, although Snape had told her that three drops would suffice. When George and Harry attacked Draco Malfoy after a Gryffindor — Slytherin Quidditch match, Umbridge kicked them off the team, along with Fred. She had a broad, flabby face, a wide, slack mouth, and little neck. Umbridge was rude to many of the teachers she evaluated, especially those with close ties to Professor Dumbledore and those she considered unfit to teach, such as Sybill Trelawney. Furthermore, some lower-ranking employees tended to talk ill of her behind her back, as seen when she was the Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, when some pamphlet makers complained about her usage of Alastor Moody's magical eye to monitor them. She would constantly interrupt teachers, such as Dumbledore during his welcoming speech, with her high-pitched girlish cough of "Hem hem" and speak to students in a condescending tone, as if they were simpletons or her inferiors; her personal speech during the Start-of-Term Feast already left a very negative first impression on the school in general, as most students could not be bothered to listen to the "load of waffle", while the teachers and Hermione Granger deduced the meaning that "the Ministry is interfering at Hogwarts", which displeased them. In fact, her rise through the Ministry ranks were more to her abilities to pander to her superiors while taking credit for other people's efforts and tyrannising her inferiors, rather than any genuine magical talents. Umbridge's hatred extending to Muggle-borns. She soon after formed the Inquisitorial Squad, made up entirely of Slytherins, which rewarded certain students for reporting on others and sanctioned them to act as enforcement goons. In the Alternative Reality created by Harry's son, Albus, and his friend, Scorpius Malfoy, it was found that Umbridge seemed delighted in Harry's death in May 1998. Unlike Voldy, she didn't represent an abstract form of authoritarian evil. Umbridge then attacked one of the centaurs near her, and as a result, she was chased and nearly killed by them. Her prejudice also led to her mistakenly believe that mermaids and centaurs were part-humans, when in fact they were separate species, and in her haste of prosecuting them she would forgo her usual feigned politeness, and be outright rude. [26] Umbridge presumably continued prosecuting Muggle-Borns throughout the next year. According to Garrick Ollivander, abnormally short wands usually selected those whose moral character was stunted, rather than because they were physically short. Another Slytherin who never liked Umbridge was her Head of House Horace Slughorn; he did not nominate her to be Prefect nor Head Girl. Umbridge was Cornelius Fudge's right-hand woman, being his Senior-Undersecretary, and he trusted her greatly to place her into Hogwarts to control it. [7], She showed a particular hatred for Harry Potter, as she had no qualms about violently punishing Harry during detentions (though it is possible Fudge told her to be harsh on him). [5], Dolores and Yaxley being stunned by Harry, She boasted of this supposed connection to Hermione Granger, who was in the guise of Ministry employee Mafalda Hopkirk, during one of Umbridge's blood purity hearings, of the Muggle-born witch Mary Cattermole. They developed special fireworks and set them off within the castle after Umbridge was appointed Head of Hogwarts. Moreover, Umbridge admitted that she was not fond of children, even expressing hatred for them, as she once confessed to Harry Potter. From humiliating Professor Trelawney to her barbaric punishment methods, we look at some of the times she proved to be truly heartless. While the news of Imelda Staunton taking on the coveted role of Queen Elizabeth in The Crown Season 5 got a lot of buzz, the most jaw-dropping part of the announcement was that the wildly popular Netflix series was ending. Like Harry, Snape hated Umbridge from the moment he set eyes on her for taking the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. British Ministry of Magic (formerly)Department of Magical Law Enforcement (formerly)Improper Use of Magic Office (formerly)Muggle-Born Registration Commission (formerly)Wizengamot (formerly)Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (formerly)SlytherinInquisitorial Squad (formerly)Death Eaters (indirectly)Lord Voldemort (indirectly) Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were both compared to Umbridge during the 2016 United States presidential election. During their respective downfalls, however, Umbridge did not try to stand up for them, meaning that she only served them loyally for the power that she was offered, and felt no true attachments towards any of them. Patronus [5], Dolores overseeing Mary Cattermole's trial before the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, At some point, Umbridge received a locket as a bribe from petty thief Mundungus Fletcher. In Spanish and Latin, "dolores" is also the plural form of "dolor", which means pain. It's the kind of universe cross-pollination that can take a moment to absorb. Marital status She was especially insulting to Hagrid, whom she knew to be a "half-breed," and was blatantly condescending and rude to him during her inspection of his class. [5], Despite her high ranking position in the Ministry, at first glance Umbridge did not appear to be a particularly powerful witch. Afterwards, she told Jacob's sibling she wanted to meet with them in her office to discuss court procedures and ettiquette. [7], Umbridge evaluating Filius Flitwick, before measuring his height, After working at Hogwarts for a short while and having a discussion with the Minister, Educational Decree Number Twenty-Three increased Umbridge's power and influence in Hogwarts. [1], Dolores during her time as Head of the Improper Use of Magic Office in Office 34B, After leaving Hogwarts, Umbridge quickly rose to influential positions in the British Ministry of Magic. This curriculum entailed learning strictly the theory of Defence Against the Dark Arts, with no practical applications. Dolores Umbridge was an evil woman, who represented the very worst of political power and the very worst aspects of the Ministry of Magic. The fate Dolores Umbridge deserves. With her new authority, she attempted to dismiss Sybill Trelawney as Professor of Divination; however, she was foiled in her attempt to send Trelawney away from the school, since Albus Dumbledore still had the power to keep Trelawney on school grounds and chose to exercise those powers. [7], Her style of teaching students was also simply having them read from the textbook, while avoiding any practical lessons and answering students' questions, though she was simply following Fudge's orders on how to change Hogwarts. During her time at Hogwarts, Umbridge grows in power and is appointed "High Inquisitor" by the Minister of Magic in an attempt to control the school. However, Marietta betrayed the Army to Umbridge because of her parents' loyalty to the Ministry. After Voldemort's defeat by Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts and the restoration of the Ministry of Magic by the new Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Umbridge was sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban for her crimes against Muggle-borns.[3]. Astronomy test was just near the action and even the instructor objected. Umbridge's wand is the only wand in the series made of birch.

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